Creating Fast, Professional Metalworking Solutions Since 1961

Our metal fabrication department can handle almost any job. We are diversified enough to complete any job whether it is small repair to heavy equipment repair, fabrications of short-run production, or structural steel projects. We can also fabricate stainless steel or aluminum.

  • Shearing
  • Brake Work 
  • Sawing 
  • Rolling

Our experienced fabrication experts have years in the metal working industry. You can expect fast service since we keep materials for most jobs in stock in our warehouse.


Stainless and Aluminum Fabrication
Stainless & Aluminum Fabrication

Components in the processing procedure

Precision Fabrication
Precision fabrication of ferrous and non-
ferrous materials 

Precision Weldments
Precision Weldments

 Production to Specifications
Production to Suit Your Specifications
 In-House Processing
Fast In House Processing


Large Inventory Fast Processing Quality Craftsmanship